What is Acupuncture Weight Loss?

Acupuncture Weight Loss

“How to lose weight” is one of the million dollar questions that has survived for many years now and is still equally important in many parts of the world. Indeed, it is a billion dollar question. It is such an ugly problem that it can not only steal your physical beauty but also push you to early death by creating several slow and fast developing diseases. To help you out, today we will share some effective and practical weight loss tips using acupuncture.

Is acupuncture only good for weight loss? No, it is also effective in many other cases such as postoperative pain, chronic pain, high blood pressure, nausea and vomiting and addictions.

What is acupuncture?

It is a complimentary medicine for naturally healing not only pain but also various physical, mental and emotional conditions. To heal a patient, thin but solid needles are penetrated into the skin or tissues at specific points on the body of the patient to various depths.

The Chinese doctors have successfully used this method for several thousand years. Though this system originated in China, it is now widely practiced in the West.

“Qi”, acupuncture points and meridians – the core concept

Interestingly, the traditional Chinese doctors used to believe that there is an invisible meridian system inside our body. They also believed it is the system through which the life-energy known as “qi” (pronounced as chee) flows. If the flow of “qi” can be corrected, several physical and mental sicknesses can be corrected too. So, doctors or practitioners simulate specific acupuncture points to correct the imbalance in the flow of “qi” through some channels. These channels are known as meridians.

Why (and how) is acupuncture helpful in weight loss treatment?

We have divided the whole issue in few easy to understand parts.

A short reminder

Before we start this section, we must remind you that the core idea of acupuncture is – we become sick as soon as the flow of energy in the invisible “Qi” is disturbed.

The relation between acupuncture and weight loss

What is the relation between the “qi” and weight loss? Acupuncture practitioners believe that “weight gain” is a clear sign of the disturbance of the energy flow in the “qi”. This disturbance can occur from several reasons such as overeating, hormone imbalances, poor nutrition, slowed metabolism and lack of exercise.

Practitioners achieve patients’ weight loss by restoring the balance of energy flow in the “qi”.

Ear acupuncture (aka Earmark) – the correct type of acupuncture for weight loss treatment

There are many acupuncture points on several parts of our skin. But for achieving weight loss, sterilized and thin but solid needles or ear seeds (aka earmark) are inserted on points on our ear. Your doctor or practitioner is using reflexology when using ear acupuncture method. It was developed based on the assumption that there are points on our outer ears that can help to influence the energy flow of the “qi” to correct weigh gain problem. To influence the energy flow, reflexology is used. Reflexology means a system under which pressure is applied to one or more parts of the body such as to ears with finger, thumb, hand or needle without the use of oil or lotion.

Practitioners insert needles or apply ear seeds on the points on the ear to decrease the inflammation generated along the meridians. The process triggers the release of neuro-chemicals and hormones.

However, if you cannot find an acupucnturist and would like to learn how you can DO-IT-YOURSELF (DIY) acupuncture to lose weight, Grace Suh shows you how in Body As Medicine.

Few safety guidelines for you

First, acupunctures are generally effective if a trained and experienced practitioner is doing it. So, do not forget to check the training and experience history of the practitioner.

Second, your treatment session can run as long as few weeks. Do not stop at any middle point. Complete the course to achieve benefits.

Third, make sure you have selected the right form of acupuncture specialized for weight loss. There can be several other closely similar methods. But do not confuse with them.

This post is meant to be purely educational and is NOT medical advice.